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Munds Park Firewise Community

Mission Statement:  The purpose of the organization is to involve property owners, community leaders, Pinewood Fire Department (PFD), US Forest Service, Coconino County authorities, and others in the effort to better protect the people of Munds Park and their property from the risk of wildfire.  The effectiveness of our firefighters in protecting our homes from wildfire starts with the property owner.


  Open to all property owners in the Munds Park community; directed by a five-member board.

  There is no provision for this organization to acquire money.  Donations in support of Munds Park Firewise Community activities should be directed to the PFD or the PFD Auxiliary

  Meetings are held at the PFD and meeting notices will be posted on the PFD bulletin board and the marquee.

  Bob Timberman, Board Chair (928) 286-2329; Len Friedlund, Board Vice-Chair (928) 286-1655; Leslie DeGroot, Secretary (928) 286-0250; Pat Traber, Recorder (928) 286-0059; Al Traber, Photographer (928) 286-0059; Sue Madden, Public Activities Coordinator (928) 286-9915; Peggy Bogard, Public Activities Coordinator (928) 286-9262.

Additional Information:
  Munds Park Firewise Community has received an official "Firewise Communities" designation in 2011 which will require ongoing activities to qualify for continuous recognition in future years.

Our goals for 2012 include the following:
 1)        Complete a minimum of 60% of our property Firewise assessments in pre-established areas.
 2)        Complete a minimum of 10-20% of property assessment compliance by property owners.
 3)        Complete a minimum of 60% of our contact with property owners to provide visible house
                    numbers on their homes.
 4)        Make the month of June "MUNDS PARK FIREWISE MONTH".
 5)        Identify street corners that need trimming to ensure visible street signs.
 6)        Speak at local organization meetings educating "Firewise" safety information and encourage         volunteers to help with our goals.

Our PFD will help individual property owners identify risks and make suggestions in order to help resolve those risks.  Just call (928) 286-9885 to make an appointment.


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