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Munds Park Trail Stewards, Inc. (MUTS)

Mission Statement:  Establish and maintain a multi-use trail system in our surrounding forest.  Enhance the enjoyment and safety of forest users.  Promote a healthy forest ecology.  Balance the legitimate rights and interests, as they pertain to forest issues, of all community residents.


  Any resident of Munds Park as well as anyone who wants to participate; directed by a six-member board.

  Grants from the Pinewood Property Owners Association and voluntary donations which may be sent to: MUTS, P. O. Box 25626, Munds Park, AZ, 86017.

  Group informational meetings are held in conjunction with the workdays which are scheduled monthly during the summer with a general meeting in the fall.  Lunch is provided after the workdays.

  Board President Larry Metzler  (602) 280-8969 or (928) 286-2784.  Alternate contact is Dick Drinen (928) 286-9020.  Email to

Additional Information:
  Work sessions are held in conjunction with US Forest Service personnel.  Tools and personal protective equipment are provided by MUTS.  Work sessions are normally on a Saturday morning and are followed by a free lunch for all those who participate.  Each individual sets his or her own pace at the work sessions; no one has to work too hard.  All are welcome and appreciated.

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