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Pinewood Property Owners Association (PPOA)

Mission Statement: The mission of the Pinewood Property Owners Association through action of its Board of Directors is to receive voluntary funds from the Munds Park Community and to disperse those funds to community organizations and projects for the betterment of the entire community of Munds Park.

:   <or> 

: Open to all property owners in the Munds Park/Pinewood community; directed by a 15-member board elected by the members.

Voluntary donations; send to PPOA,  PO-Box 18673, Munds Park, AZ 86017.

: Monthly board meetings throughout the summer with a general meeting in July.

: Board of Directors President Dick Drinen.
E-mail any questions or comments to:

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- Last Update 1-Sept-2020

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Please US mail in your tax deductable donation for 2020

Please mail your tax deductible PPOAPinewood Property Owners' Association donation. Personal check please, to save the credit card fees :)

US Postal Mail your check for our community donation to: 

PO Box 18673
Munds Park, AZ. 86017
please e-mail us, and let us know your thoughts.

Your donations assist our many community efforts. 

See our community accomplishments page.

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Munds Park Statistics Established 1876
- Elevation 6605 Feet 
- Approximately 1100 Acres - 3298 Total lots
- 2890 Total homes 
- 408   Vacant lots
Munds Park History

Wikipedia Link : Munds Park Info
Business Alliance
Country Club
PF Department Auxiliary
Fire District PWFD

Fire Wise
MUTS-Munds Park Trail Stewards
MP Community Watch
Pinewood Players
Sanitary District
Munds Park Organizations
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Good news!

The Munds Park post office is now operating.

Mon- Friday 10 am - 4:15 pm
Lunch Noon-1pm

Saturday 10 am - 12 noon