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Munds Park NCommunity Watch (MPCW)

Mission Statement
:  The Munds Park Community Watch program will provide the community with two benefits: first, the usual crime deterrents associated with vigilance and postings and the 'people helping people' attributes; second, the establishment of a structure to enable all property owners to be contacted, or to access information, regarding emergencies.


:  Open to all property owners in the Munds Park/Pinewood community; those who are registered with their contact information can be alerted to emergency situations.

  No dues or fees; expenses are covered by the Pinewood Property Owners' Association (PPOA).  Donations may be sent to the PPOA requesting that they be used for this program.

  Quarterly meetings February, May, August, and November are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the Pinewood Fire Station.  Representatives from the Pinewood Fire Department (PFD), Coconino County's Sheriff's Office, Community Development, and Public Works, and the Coconino National Forest are usually present.

  Community Coordinator Len Friedlund (928) 286-1655 or (928) 600-3896. 
Email at either or <>.  Unit Coordinators and Captains information available on request.

Additional Information:

The MPCW program is a function of the PFD, Community Services Division.  The community coordinator reports directly to that office and all information contained in the data base is the property of the PFD.

The structure of the organization is based on the 21 units within Munds Park/Pinewood.  Each unit has a coordinator who has two to seven captains; each captain has an average of 30 homes in their area to communicate with in the event of an emergency.  Most are full time residents who are able to observe the activity in their area throughout the year.

The biggest benefit of the program is for every resident, whether here in the park full time, summer, or weekends, to always be alert for activity that is not normal or people who do not seem to belong to our community.  Contact the coordinator to report these activities.  Any crime in progress or a fire anywhere inside or outside of the park should be reported to the 911 system for immediate attention.

Stay up on the latest activities by reading the Pinewood News; there is an article on MPCW in most issues and there is usually information on other organizations as well.

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